Spending Christmas abroad!


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How great would it be to spend Christmas outside of the uk lol!

A luxury holiday abroad, celebrating Christmas! Sounds like a dream in my opinion as its one of the most expensive times of the year if you don't get in there first! You can celebrate Christmas wherever you are in the world but come on, lets face it, the Scottish winters aren't really the finest.

When it comes to Christmas holidays, it pays off to be organised, book that holiday as far in advance as you possibly can. Oh and even then, we're not the only one with this idea so watch out for the best deals.

So where do you go? Well, anyplace can throw up a few lights and put up a tree so you're going to need to look for something more.

In my opinion, heres some of the best places to go! (In no particular order)

1) New York

New York is such a beautiful city and even more so when it snows at Christmas. Its well known for the famous ice rink at Rockefeller Centre. You'll also find the decorated tree thats known world wide. If you head to the southwest corner of Central Park you'll find Columbus Circle which hosts more than 100 different stalls selling everything from snacks to clothes.

2) Barcelona, Spain

Its better to go slightly after Christmas but if you head on the 5th of December you'll find Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar in Barcelona . The Three Kings day celebration features Cannons, fireworks, festive feeling, magnificent floats that includes camels, elephants, giraffes and the most mesmerising costumes!

3) Nuremberg, Germany

The highlight of this place has to be the massive hand made wooden ferris wheel! The Nuremberg Christmas Market Council take this event very seriously. It's all about tradition here, so if you're not in the festive mood don't go! You'll only find traditional hand made toys and goods sold from the stalls. Oh and the stalls look magnificent! Theres a "Most Beautiful Stall Design" award so theres quite a bit of competition going on!

4) Christmas In France

This ones slightly different from the rest! If City breaks aren't your thing hitting the slopes can be a great alternative. I booked a cosy cabin with Mark Warner last year and it was brilliant. If coming home to mulled wine, Mince pies, and a cosy cabin after a long day on the slopes sounds good to you check out Mark Warner.

Theres so many cities that haven't made this list but I can hands down say going away for Christmas if you can is much better than staying at home!