UK snow warning: Which airports are closed? Travel update and news


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The UK is currently under siege from a barrage of snow and freezing temperatures which has caused travel chaos across the nation.

The ‘Beast from the East’ has meant trains, flights and roads have resulted in being closed.

British Airways has been hit the worst with over 200 flights cancelled since Monday.

Ryanair, Virgin Atlantic and easyJet have also been forced to cancel flights since Monday.

Which airports are now closed? Travel update for UK airports.

Glasgow Airport is currently closed and has been since 7am this morning

Glasgow Airport

Update 2 March:

The airport has opened this morning although a number of flights are still cancelled: "Our teams worked through the night clearing snow from the airfield.

"A large number of flights have been cancelled for today so our advice to passengers is not to travel to the airport until they have checked the status of their flight with their airline."

Update 1 March:

Glasgow Airport is currently closed and has been since 7am this morning. Their statement reads: “A severe amber warning advising against all but essential travel has been issued by the Met Office and will remain in place until tomorrow morning.

“In light of this and the impact it is having on passengers and staff, including airline staff, travelling to and from the airport, we will remain closed for the rest of the day.

“This decision has been taken with safety of passengers and staff in mind.”

“Our teams are continuing with snow cleaning operations, however we would advise passengers not to travel to the airport.

“Anyone with travel plans should contact their airline directly for specific flight information.”

Further snow is forecast during the day which will make travel conditions to and from the airport extremely challenging.

Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, East Midlands, Birmingham and Newcastle.