WEATHER WARNING: British Airways cancels another 100 flights today due to snow


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2 March update:

  • British Airways has cancelled over 100 flights from Heathrow Airport today
  • The airline has been affected by the weather the worst with over 200 cancellations since Monday

British Airways has cancelled another 100 flights from Heathrow Airport today thanks to Storm Emma rolling into the UK.

The freezing weather is coming from Russia and the Siberian blast could cause the temperature to drop to -15c in some parts of the UK.

Despite spring officially starting on March 1, experts have warned that the cold snap and snow could last until the middle of March.

Travellers are being warned that further flights could be cancelled as the weather continues to affect the UK.

Update 2 March:

The airline is allowing passengers to rebook regardless of whether their flights are cancelled: “There continues to be very poor weather conditions across parts of the UK and Europe and at various times of the week it will affect some of our flights.

“We recognise the uncertainty that the bad weather may be causing customers and have therefore introduced a range of flexible rebooking options for customers flying to or from London Heathrow, London Gatwick or London City airports.

“If you are due to travel on any short haul service up to and including Sunday 4 March, regardless of whether your flight is currently showing as operating or not, you can rebook your flight to a later date and travel on dates up to and including Wednesday 21 March.

“In addition, if you are due to travel on a long haul service to or from London Heathrow up to and including Sunday 4 March, regardless of whether your flight is currently showing as operating or not, you can rebook your flight to a later date and travel on dates up to and including Wednesday 21 March.

“If you have some flexibility in when you can travel, we would strongly encourage you to take advantage of these extra options.”

Flights from Heathrow Airport that have been cancelled include the UK, Europe as well as New York and Los Angeles.

A statement on the British Airways websites states: “We are sorry that the weather is likely to lead to some delays and disruption to our schedules.

“We have proactively cancelled some services and will be re-booking customers on to alternative flights or offering them a full refund if they no longer wish to travel.

“We are sorry for the disruption to your travel plans and are doing all we can to minimise the effect the poor weather is having on flights.”

They have warned passengers who have had their flights cancelled to “not travel to the airport”.

Current report from the Met Office has also advised that there is a "potential risk to life" thanks to the plummeting temperatures.

An amber alert remains for the UK.

British Airways flight cancellations (2 March):

06:20am BA1432 Edinburgh (EDI)

06:20am BA1414 Belfast City (BHD)

06:25am BA0832 Dublin (DUB)

06:45am BA0812 Copenhagen (CPH)

06:45am BA1472 Glasgow (GLA)

06:55am BA1304 Aberdeen (ABZ)

07:00am BA0948 Munich (MUC)

07:10am BA1370 Manchester (MAN)

07:20am BA0304 Paris (CDG)

07:30am BA0458 Madrid (MAD)

07:35am BA0790 Gothenburg (GOT)

07:40am BA1474 Glasgow (GLA)

07:50am BA0430 Amsterdam (AMS)

08:10am BA0868 Budapest (BUD)

08:20am BA0830 Dublin (DUB)

08:25am BA0342 Nice (NCE)

08:35am BA0726 Geneva (GVA)

08:35am BA0233 Moscow (DME)

08:35am BA0540 Bologna (BLQ)

08:40am BA1542 Chicago (ORD)

08:50am BA1442 Edinburgh (EDI)

08:55am BA0712 Zurich (ZRH)

08:55am BA0938 Dusseldorf (DUS)

09:15am BA0512 Madrid (MAD)

09:20am BA0576 Milan (LIN)

09:25am BA0962 Hamburg (HAM)

09:40am BA0175 New York (JFK)

09:45am BA1598 Charlotte (CLT)

10:15am BA1516 New York (JFK)

10:35am BA0283 Los Angeles (LAX)

10:50am BA0834 Dublin (DUB)

10:50am BA1482 Glasgow (GLA)

11:00am BA0396 Brussels (BRU)

11:10am BA0368 Marseille (MRS)

11:20am BA0173 New York (JFK)

11:30am BA0850 Warsaw (WAW)

11:35am BA0904 Frankfurt (FRA)

11:35am BA1440 Edinburgh (EDI)

11:45am BA0562 Milan (LIN)

12:05pm BA0308 Paris (CDG)

12:10pm BA1530 Dallas (DFW)

12:20pm BA1332 Newcastle (NCL)

12:40pm BA0702 Vienna (VIE)

12:45pm BA0984 Berlin (TXL)

12:50pm BA0560 Rome (FCO)

01:00pm BA0438 Amsterdam (AMS)

01:05pm BA1484 Glasgow (GLA)

01:20pm BA0480 Barcelona (BCN)

01:25pm BA0780 Stockholm (ARN)

01:35pm BA0836 Dublin (DUB)

01:35pm BA0358 Lyon (LYS)

01:55pm BA0994 Berlin (TXL)

02:00pm BA0722 Geneva (GVA)

02:10pm BA0954 Munich (MUC)

02:10pm BA0908 Frankfurt (FRA)

02:15pm BA0704 Vienna (VIE)

02:20pm BA0818 Copenhagen (CPH)

02:30pm BA0750 Basel (BSL)

02:35pm BA1588 Philadelphia (PHL)

02:40pm BA0856 Prague (PRG)

02:55pm BA0568 Milan (LIN)

03:00pm BA0470 Barcelona (BCN)

03:00pm BA1312 Aberdeen (ABZ)

03:05pm BA0502 Lisbon (LIS)

03:10pm BA0398 Brussels (BRU)

03:15pm BA1396 Manchester (MAN)

03:15pm BA0718 Zurich (ZRH)

03:15pm BA0316 Paris (CDG)

03:20pm BA0826 Dublin (DUB)

03:25pm BA1446 Edinburgh (EDI)

03:30pm BA0960 Munich (MUC)

03:30pm BA0418 Luxemburg (LUX)

03:35pm BA0462 Madrid (MAD)

03:45pm BA0518 Madrid (MAD)

03:50pm BA0944 Dusseldorf (DUS)

04:00pm BA0546 Rome (FCO)

04:05pm BA0768 Oslo (OSL)

04:10pm BA0782 Stockholm (ARN)

04:10pm BA0920 Stuttgart (STR)

04:15pm BA0820 Copenhagen (CPH)

04:20pm BA0796 Geneva (GVA)

04:30pm BA0440 Amsterdam (AMS)

04:35pm BA0580 Milan (MXP)

04:40pm BA1452 Edinburgh (EDI)

04:40pm BA0912 Frankfurt (FRA)

04:40pm BA0464 Madrid (MAD)

04:40pm BA0996 Berlin (TXL)

04:55pm BA0838 Dublin (DUB)

05:00pm BA1488 Glasgow (GLA)

05:10pm BA0758 Basel (BSL)

05:10pm BA0348 Nice (NCE)

05:15pm BA0932 Dusseldorf (DUS)

05:15pm BA1420 Belfast (BHD)

05:40pm BA1344 Leeds (LBA)

05:45pm BA1336 Newcastle (NCL)

05:45pm BA1316 Aberdeen (ABZ)

05:45pm BA0442 Amsterdam (AMS)

05:50pm BA1492 Glasgow (GLA)

05:55pm BA0328 Paris (CDG)

06:20pm BA1458 Edinburgh (EDI)

06:20pm BA0828 Dublin (DUB)

06:25pm BA1402 Manchester (MAN)

07:05pm BA0972 Hamburg (HAM)

07:10pm BA0738 Geneva (GVA)

07:25pm BA1593 New York (JFK)

08:15pm BA1494 Glasgow (GLA)

08:40pm BA1479 Glasgow (GLA)

09:15pm BA0824 Dublin (DUB)